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Simply choose a plan below, signup and you're ready to start creating and sending your email campaigns and autoresponders. We take care of everything for you - from hosting your list to making sure your emails get delivered.

Pricing starts from just $19.95/month - no contracts to sign.

Edirective operates on a very simple monthly pricing structure, based on the size of your emails list not the number of emails you send. See the chart below for exact pricing. If you have any questions please contact us. We're here to help.

Choose a plan:

1 -500
501 - 2,500
2,501 - 5,000
5,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 25,000
Call for pricing

All sign ups include:

  • Unlimited Email Blasts
  • Anyone can create and send stunning email campaigns - Build your own email campaigns using our step-by-step campaign builder or choose from and customize over 35 professionally designed, industry-specific email templates.
  • Easy, browser-based contact management - Add contacts to your contact lists one-by-one or import existing contacts from any CRM, email program or database using a point and click web-based interface.
  • "Hands free" follow up with autoresponders -
    Follow up with prospects automatically and on time using personalized auto-responders while increasing response rates and conversion rates.
  • Personalize your email campaigns - Personalize every email you send with your contact's details such as their name, membership details, interests and other personal information.
  • Segment and filter contacts before sending - Send targeted emails to your contacts based on their membership status, Handicap, Zip code, interests and previous history using custom filters, list segments and personalization options.
  • Add web to lead forms on your website - Generate leads directly from your website using the step-by-step web to lead form generator to add lead sign up forms to your website in minutes.
  • Automatic integrated bounce management -
    Processed bounced emails across your lists automatically and even define your own bounce rules.
  • Track click-thrus and email opens - Improve and optimize your email campaigns by tracking open rates and click-thru rates over time, as well as detailed per-campaign reports and statistics. Immediate access after signup to create and send emails
  • The ability to collect an unlimited number of subscribers
  • Unlimited free support from our expert email marketing team
  • No contracts, hosting fees, setup costs or termination fees
  • Month-by-month payments. You can cancel at any time
  • Upload as many images to include in your email campaigns as you like
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