Edirective believes that no matter how well your site and applications are designed who you choose to host your site is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Ultimately the provider's infrastructure and experts will impact the performance of your application. Network downtime, availability issues, lax security and poor customer support can render a website ineffective, no matter how solid the coding.

To deliver on our promise to develop unique, engaging websites and eCommerce Solutions , your applications need to be supported by an infrastructure that is unquestionably strong, highly available and scaleable. Likewise, your infrastructure needs to be supported 24x7x365 by a team of experts dedicated to you. We don't believe in prepackaged, one-size-fits-all configurations. We believe that every business and every need is unique. Tell us what you need and expect, and we'll share our ideas and expertise. Together we'll build the configuration that's perfect for you, not us.

Hosting Options Available

  • Managed hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Shared hosting

Platforms / Applications

  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • eCommerce Hosting
  • E-mail List hosting
  • Backups Data

Center Environmental Conditions

  • Active voltage regulation: Your equipment receives only the highest-grade sinusoidal waveform electricity via eDirective's line-conditioning UPS
  • Redundant air conditioning keeps your equipment basking at a constant 65°F all day and night
  • Proper grounding and cable management lets your data flow freely, undisrupted from harmful electromagnetic interference
  • Industrial-strength electronic air cleaner: Your server circulates air which is hundreds of times cleaner than that found in most indoor environments
    For additional information on eDirective Site Hosting services or to schedule a transfer, please contact us by submitting a quote/information request online or call us at 845-339-1918.